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CIGNA HealthCare Prior Authorization Form - Pharmacy Services Notice Failure to complete this form in its entirety may result in delayed processing or an adverse determination for insufficient information. Phone 800 244-6224 Fax 800 390-9745 PROVIDER INFORMATION PATIENT INFORMATION Provider Name Specialty Due to privacy regulations we will not be able to respond via fax with the outcome of our review unless all asterisked items on this form are completed DEA or TIN Office Contact Person...
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You and your doctor have selected a newmedicine to treat your condition you'rerelieved you're hoping this treatmentwill work better than the last andyou're hoping that it will improve yourquality of life but before you can fillyour prescription or have itadministered in the doctor's officeyou may need your health plans approvalit's a process known as priorauthorization prior authorization mayrequire your doctor to submit paperworkalong with your lab results and recordsit can be a multi-step process if thehealth insurer finds an error in thepaperwork are determines that you don'tmeet their requirements they can denythe request you and your physician canappeal but the insurer may deny yourrequest again the process can blockaccess to your medication for days evenweeks prior authorization is intended tostop unnecessary use of costly drugs butfor health plans that has become a toolfor cutting expenses especially forinnovative drugs like biologics fordoctors and other health care providersit's a drain on time and resources and adistraction from patient care and forpatients like you it's a delay that canbe frustrating even dangersconsider patients with chronicconditions such as severe asthma eczemaour high cholesterol waiting for themedication or device they need can leavethem untreated and unprotected in manycases the insurer finally approves thetreatment but some patients simply don'thave the time or the energy to fightthrough a multi-step approval in denialprocess especially when they're ill theymay give up on treatment all togetherusing delays and denials to blockpatients access to their prescribedmedications cuts cost at patientsexpense some state lawmakers haveintroduced legislation to putcommon-sense limits on priorauthorization these efforts areimportant for patient access limitingburdensome prior authorization can helprestore you and your doctors ability tomake personalized health care decisionsensuring that the doctor-patientrelationship not help plan cost-cuttingdetermines your course of treatmentyou Music
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